International Book Award Winner

International Book Award Winner

“With Mindfulness, there is more to unlearn than there is to learn.”

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Mindfulness is often advertised as a means to finding internal peace by simply embracing the concept of ‘living in the present moment ‘.  But beyond fostering this awareness, much of the essential work needed to abide in a peaceful state is often overlooked in an effort to tout the ease of adoption and high level benefits.

While present moment awareness is a key element of the practice, we seldom take the initiative to investigate the root causes for what keeps us from being able to consistently abide in a moment-to-moment state of peace.  To find them, we must be willing to look at, strategically engage, and ultimately overcome the thought patterns and states of mind we indulge in which pull our attention away from peaceful states.

In his book, “This. Only This. Mindfulness Strategies for Discovering Peace in Every Moment.” author Michael H. Brooks begins with the knowledge that mental peace is ever present and always available to us, however it’s the habits of thought in which we constantly engage that cover up the peace we so desire.  If we can create a structure to objectively look at these habits we indulge in, and persevere in constantly monitoring and examining them, we can develop strategies for eliminating them from our consciousness.  Once free of them, we open the door and enable ourselves to hold on to and discover lasting and greater depths of peace.