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Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9857311-9-9 Page Count: 403

Electronic Version ISBN: 978-0-9857311-2-0

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“This. Only This, is nourishment for the soul without calories, encouragement from a warm and witty teacher. Brooks anticipates readers’ questions and offers answers; anticipates problems and offers solutions. With a solid definition of mindfulness and the nitty gritty of practice, this book is a welcome guide for beginners and a refresher course for those already on the journey.” - Diane Holcomb, Book Buyer East West Bookstore Mountain View, CA @eastwestbooks

” This. Only This is a funny, comprehensive, accessible introduction to the full truth about mindfulness. It doesn’t shy away from the fact that learning to be mindful requires discipline and effort, but this alone is invaluable wisdom in a world where ‘mindfulness’ is rapidly becoming the go-to remedy for any kind of stress or strain, often without any full understanding of what it is all about.”

- Hilary Wilce, education writer, personal development coach and struggling mindfulness practitioner. Her latest book, an e-book, is ‘Backbone: how to build the character your child needs to succeed’ http://www.hilarywilcecoaching.com/   Google+